DDU is now FlowMo

announcement DDU is now FlowMo

Allow us to re-introduce ourselves: Hi, we're FlowMo! Through developing our product and talking with users, we've learned a lot over the past several years. With that knowledge, our focus has changed from helping companies implement data analytics platforms to helping people create dynamic learning experiences across the web. We wanted to share what we've learned and why we felt it was time to update our name.

Where We Started

Our learning tool has evolved over the past few years. We began developing this product while working as analytics consultants at Data Driven, a consulting company where we led Business Intelligence implementations primarily in Looker. We noticed a trend with our customers - it was difficult to train and onboard users in complicated analytics tools which decreased the return value on their data infrastructure investment.

We thought we could do better, so we built interactive exercises in our own LMS, naming the tool Data Driven University. We focused on learning by doing where users could complete courses analyzing their own data to onboard. The name made sense then because we were all about helping learners being more data driven in their jobs.

Where We Are Now

Through the process of building and using our tool and talking with users, our focus shifted. We realized that these problems weren't unique to analytics software, but common among the array of SaaS products businesses use today. Thus, we were no longer only about training in the data space.

We also realized that custom learning content should be easy to create in seconds. Meaningful learning experiences need to be current and created by the people who actually use the tools in their jobs. If courses take a training team 3 weeks to build and test and are a hassle to change, teams can't keep up with highly customized and dynamic SaaS platforms they need to use. People want to build and share in just seconds.

So, we built a recording tool that allows you to record yourself on any website doing a task. When you click create, we present that content as a video replay, a list of screenshots you can customize, and as an interactive exercise people can do themselves. You can share a link or add it to an assigned list and learners can engage however they prefer to master the content.

Where We're Going

With our expanded scope, Data Driven University was no longer appropriate. It was our first phase, but now we're focused on changing the way you learn and teach by getting you in the flow. We chose the name FlowMo because we are all about dynamic, quick, learning that captures the flow of work. Static lists and documentation aren't enough for today's tools.

We're launching new features faster than ever to expand the ways you can build and learn. We'll be introducing voice recording, better step editing, and a redesigned learning interface. We're now focused on how we can make our tool the best way to learn any software and we'll keep listening to users.

Ready to Try?

We would love to have you on FlowMo! Shoot us an email at contact@getflowmo.com and we will invite you to use the tool. We're excited to keep growing and adding features, so please send any ideas or feedback to us, submit a request.