Great work happens when we learn together

By creating and sharing walkthroughs with your team, you can be more productive and unlock your full potential.

Create walkthroughs in seconds

Easily record complex web-based walkthroughs as fast as you can click. Quickly record any website in the browser, in any tab.

Instant evergreen content

We capture walkthroughs in a way that creates long-lived materials: references, live overlays, and a sandbox environment. Reference material describe each step with screenshots and video. Live learning is powered by overlays on your real site. The labs environment is a secure sandbox that won't change live data.

Best learning experience

Be more productive by learning at your own speed. Whether you learn best by example, or whether you learn by doing, FlowMo allows you to be more productive at work.

For teams

Unlock your work superpower

There are a lot of bottlenecks that prevent you from being your work Superhero: boring and ineffective learning, knowledge trapped in experts, outdated materials... FlowMo can help bridge that gap.

Learn by doing

The best way to learn is by getting real reps in. Live and labs mode allows you to interact with your actual software.


Nobody wants to learn by watching boring videos. You learn in bite-sized blocks, and at your own pace.

Learn in context

Walkthrough content is overlayed on top of the software you're trying to learn. No more switching between tabs to figure things out.

Track progress

Keep track of the walkthroughs and skill sets you have taken. Find something great, share it with your team!

Show and tell

Team members are already helping each other through email, slack/teams/gchat, or in-person. We add a new dimension to team upskilling.

Institutional Knowledge

Learning content created by your team members represents a living corpus of institutional knowledge. Your library is contextual, just in-time, and permanent.

Build in seconds

We optimize our tools to work at the speed of business. If the barrier to create content is "clicks + seconds" then folks won't hesitate to share how-tos with teammates.

Share with anyone

Once a team member has built some content, it's very easy to share content with anyone. With multiple levels of privacy settings, you can make sure that only the right people can see content.

For companies

Driving productivity will drive profits

Making your team more productive is essential to driving profits. The cost of cluelessness in software grows exponentially with headcount.

CRM Sales teams will reach their quotas and targets if they can use their CRM better. Imagine if everyone could be a Salesforce expert.

Business Intelligence Analysts can help the entire company make better data driven decisions. Find where you're wasting money and cut it out.

ERP Operations and finance are the lifeblood of your company but often the most poorly supported. Let FlowMo be the oil that lets the engine run smoothly.

Marketing Ad spend is a huge driver of both cost and opportunity. Your team needs to understand the marketing tools you use, and your secret sauce for optimization.

Let's get started!

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