FlowMo: The Future of Online Learning with GPT-4-Powered Interactive Walkthroughs

article FlowMo: The Future of Online Learning with GPT-4-Powered Interactive Walkthroughs

tldr; chatGPT-4 created a FlowMo walkthrough. Check out how the walkthrough was created, and checkout the result!

The internet is a treasure trove of information, offering everything from coding tutorials to simple FAQs. However, with the sheer volume of data available, it can be overwhelming and difficult to decipher content or apply what we learn. Enter FlowMo AI, a groundbreaking feature using GPT-4 technology to transform web articles into interactive walkthroughs, revolutionizing the way we learn online.

FlowMo, powered by GPT-4, can transform any web article into a step-by-step interactive experience. By inputting documentation from the web, FlowMo generates a sandbox where users can record video and audio, morphing text-based content into a fully interactive experience.

The Magic of Interactive Experiences

FlowMo takes learning to the next level with recorded video and audio, making the process more engaging and interactive. Using our Chrome extension, users can effortlessly follow overlay prompts, navigating to relevant URLs with unprecedented ease. FlowMo generates navigation steps for each relevant URL and logs them with our recording widget.

Proof of concept: chatGPT creates a FlowMo walkthrough

Generating walkthrough steps

We start by providing chatGPT-4 a text description of some steps that we want to take on Fivetran. We steer the response by asking for a very specific output: we want a list of steps in JSON, with links and actions spelled out. The performance was genuinely impressive: for the POC we used a small input, but in testing even large documentation pages are able to be structured.

ChatGPT Demo Screenshot

Record the walkthrough

We used Selenium to power a Chrome browser in the cloud to generate the walkthrough. The browser has the FlowMo browser extension installed. In the demo video, we are streaming the contents of the browser in real-time using VNC.

Once we have the browser turned on, we use the WebDriver to kick-off a recording: we visit every webpage in the provided steps, and find all the elements to click on.

Endless Possibilities: The Future of FlowMo

Our proof of concept is just the tip of the iceberg for us. We're actively exploring other inputs, such as audio or links, to generate valuable descriptions, hints, suggestions, and follow-up content. Our goal is to make it simpler than ever to generate captivating interactive experiences throughout the web, fundamentally changing the way people learn online.

Join Us in Transforming Online Learning

FlowMo's core mission is to promote better learning through interactive and engaging content. We believe there is immense potential to unlock in online learning content. By offering interactive walkthroughs, we hope to facilitate the learning of new skills, software, or processes in a manner that is more accessible, enjoyable, and effective.

We believe FlowMo will revolutionize online learning, and we're excited to see where this innovative technology leads us. Stay tuned for updates and join us on this thrilling journey to transform the way we learn online! Together, let's make learning an engaging, interactive, and seamless experience for everyone.