How to Create Labels in Gmail

article How to Create Labels in Gmail

Label email wide

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You can use the DDU chrome extension to build walkthroughs and quizzes on top of any website. Here’s an example of an underutilized Gmail feature that would help your coworkers with inbox zero practices and efficiently organize their inbox.  

Demonstrate how to create labels

One slightly confusing feature of Gmail is there isn't folder feature - instead it uses labels. But if a new hire isn’t onboarded with an extensive Gmail training, they may not know this feature exists. This small change in terms could cause an inbox to have thousands of unsorted, unorganized emails. DDU is the best tool for quickly showing them how to create labels to catalogue and find emails.

Build a walkthrough

Go to your Gmail inbox and open the DDU chrome extension. Click the icon and create a new walkthrough. Give it a title and we'll generate the first step, so the user lands on their own Gmail inbox to begin.

Add steps

You can use a combination of step types to guide a user through key actions.

  1. Show the click path to create a new label

  2. Use the tooltip step to show how to add a label to an email

  3. Highlight where to find labelled emails

  4. How to search your inboxes using filters and labels

Label Menu


Once you create your walkthrough, you can send a share link over slack or email. Anyone who doesn't have our extension downloaded will be led through a wizard. They'll land on the target Gmail page and begin learning!


We showed an example walkthrough made for Gmail, but you can build content in any website you need! All it takes is navigating to the website, opening the DDU chrome extension, and selecting ‘Build’ mode to open the builder tab.

You can check out our full 'How to Add Labels and Add to Emails' walkthrough built with our quick builder in our DDU content library.

For a more in-depth explanation of how to build a walkthrough, you can refer to this help article.

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