How FlowMo can help your SaaS Sprawl

article How FlowMo can help your SaaS Sprawl

SaaS applications are now an integral part of working online. However, there are so many now we have inadvertently created what’s called SaaS Sprawl. FlowMo can help alleviate your SaaS Sprawl fatigue.

What is SaaS Sprawl?

‘Software as a Service’ has been around for a long time but has increased in usage over the past several years. This increase has led to SaaS Sprawl – or when there are so many SaaS applications an organization is using, they can no longer be utilized or managed effectively.

How DDU Can Help

A way to decrease this sprawl is by efficient onboarding and continued training of employees. Our product allows you to build educational walkthroughs overtop any other SaaS or configurable application to effectively onboard and train employees in your tools. We built an example walkthrough showing how to take advantage of a feature in Asana that directly links to Outlook.


Let's say two of the platforms you use at work are Asana and Outlook. One way to streamline these apps is by syncing your Asana tasks to your Outlook calendar. But maybe a new employee wasn't aware of this feature and has now fallen behind on a task. To prevent this from happening, you could build a walkthrough demonstrating this by adding these steps:

  1. Navigate to Asana App

  2. Open the FlowMo extension and click 'Start Recording'

  3. Create click path to show how to add Assan tasks to Outlook calendar

  4. Click create, edit walkthrough and share!


We've gone over SaaS Sprawl and how it can negatively affect an organization. We also went over how FlowMo can help alleviate this - by personally creating onboarding and training walkthroughs, you can teach others to use each app to its fullest - and even provided a simple example.

If you haven't already, you can download our web extension here.

You can view our walkthrough example, Adding Asana Tasks to Outlook Calendar.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns, you can reach out on our contact page.