We’re in Looker’s Trial Instance!

article We’re in Looker’s Trial Instance!

We’re in Looker’s Trial Instance!

Data Driven is extremely excited that we are featured in Looker’s trial instance. Now, whenever someone requests a trial for Looker, they can also download our chrome extension to practice some of our walkthroughs. 

Here’s a brief overview:

Once signing in, the Looker trial homepage features a section about our guided walkthroughs.

Looker Trial Homepage

In this section, Looker will walk you through how to download our chrome extension. Click on ‘Setup’ underneath the ‘Guided Walkthrough’ title and a window will pop up with prompts to download the extension. 

Downloading DDU extension Looker step 1

After downloading our chrome extension, you can get accustomed to dashboards and explores in Looker and also try some of our guided walkthroughs. Certain examples will have a ‘walkthrough’ button that will navigate you to a sample walkthrough. 

Where to start guided walkthrough on looker trial homepage Guided Walkthrough on Looker trial instance

If you have any thoughts, questions, or just want to say hello, you can contact us here