What's New With FlowMo - September

article What's New With FlowMo - September

We have been hard at work this month making it easy to build and share learning content anywhere on the web.

Check it out! See the Flow.

Labs Learning

Some skills are best learned in a sandbox. Don't worry about access, permissions, or messing things up. Anyone can learn anything right away. Click Labs Learning in a walkthrough to be taken to a replica of a website with interactive overlays to click through an action yourself. Here are some of the use cases we're excited to support:

  • Demo software or new features to users and non-users alike.

  • Train teams at scale on sensitive administrative or development tasks that everyone can't actually do at once.

  • Give hands on practice to allow users to edit, modify, or delete things in a workspace without having to create demo files or training environments.

  • Include in documentation, blog posts, or onboarding flows for evergreen learning content.

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Share in Seconds

We think it should be easy to share learning. We made it possible to share with one click, and introduced a 'Shared With Me' page to find shared content later. Choose whether to allow anyone with the link to view, or only those at your organization.

Now, when users sign up with their work email, they can automatically join your organization. With this easy registration, you can share links across your organization and trust that your material is secure.

New Widget - Build and Learn

Live and Labs learning are better than ever with our media-rich widget. On any step, see a video replay or a screen grab. Easily go back to reference all steps or watch the full video.

Building is simpler too. Our minimized widget stays out of your way so you can focus on recording a skill. Build in seconds, share in seconds.

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