How FlowMo can help you with your Total Experience strategy - Employee Experience

article How FlowMo can help you with your Total Experience strategy - Employee Experience

Total Experience Strategy

Gartner defines total experience as a business strategy that aims to integrate the experiences of employees, customers, users, and multiexperiences to accelerate growth. It was named as one of their top ten tech trends of 2022. FlowMo can help with your total experience strategy, but let’s look at one aspect of this strategy: employee experience.

Employee Experience

Employee experience is a super important aspect of the total experience strategy. Decreased confidence and competence in the tools employees are using can inhibit growth, profits, and overall moral. Employee experience also affects all the other aspects of the total experience, especially customer experience – if employees are unhappy or frustrated, customers will pick up on this and won’t have a great experience.

FlowMo can help with your employee’s experience because it allows you to create walkthroughs and skill sets over top any SaaS platform to train users hands on in the tool. These walkthroughs and skillsets are created by you and your coworkers, so you can tailor each walkthrough to what your employees need. Properly trained employees are going to have increased confidence and workflow.

How FlowMo can help with employee experience

One way to increase cohesion and workflow among employees is to invest in SaaS platforms that are helpful to employees, like a project management software. But these platforms are only helpful if employees are trained properly in the application. Asana is a project management platform where we built several walkthroughs to show how simple it is to create these trainings.

To build a walkthrough in a platform like Asana, all you have to do is:

  1. Navigate to the SaaS platform

  2. Open the FlowMo chrome extension and beginning recording

  3. Show the click path to demonstrate the tool

  4. Save, edit and share!


We went over total experience strategy and, in particular one aspect of this, employee experience. We talked about how employee experience can directly affect customer experience. And we showed how FlowMo can help with employee experience and showed the steps of building walkthroughs.

You can view our two Asana walkthroughs: How to Filter Asana Project Boards by Priority and Adding Asana Tasks to Your Outlook Calendar.

You can download the FlowMo chrome extension here.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to request a demo, you can reach out on our contact page.