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article Total Experience Strategy - User Experience

Total Experience Strategy

Gartner defines total experience as a business strategy that aims to integrate the experiences of employees, customers, users, and multiexperiences to accelerate growth. It was named as one of their top ten tech trends of 2022. FlowMo can help with your total experience strategy, but let’s look at one aspect of this strategy: user experience.

User Experience

User experience (UX) is how a user feels about and interacts with a digital product. This is an important aspect of the total experience strategy because it focuses on the experience with the product itself, combining both employee and client experiences. Having a support team for issues and questions that come up is one way to increase user experience, and another way is by training users in the product or tools at the very beginning for a better user experience in the long run.

We referenced in our last article how FlowMo can help with the employee experience, but it can also help with the user experience. FlowMo allows you to create walkthroughs and skill sets over top any website or application to train users hands on in the tools. By effectively training employees in tools, they are also more helpful to customers when questions and issues come up.

How FlowMo can help with your User Experience

Let’s say you are onboarding a new employee at Contentful – a SaaS that allows you to create blogs, media, etc. for your company. You want to train your employee in all of the intricacies of Contentful, so that if a customer has a question, they could address it. One aspect of writing articles that could be confusing to users is how to add media to an article. Here's all you have to do to build this walkthrough:

  1. Navigate to Contentful

  2. Open FlowMo extension and begin recording

  3. Show clickpath for publishing media within articles

  4. Save, edit, and share!


We went over total experience strategy, especially user experience. We also showed how FlowMo can help with user experience strategy and gave an example.

You can view our walkthrough here.

You can download the FlowMo chrome extension here.

If you have any questions, comments, or want to demo FlowMo, you can contact us here.