DDU UX Updates

article DDU UX Updates

We've been working on improving the learning experience in DDU and are excited to announce the latest release!

DDU uses walkthroughs and quizzes powered by our chrome extension to power learning on any website. Our goal with this release was to improve these exercises to allow users to focus more on the work they're doing. Our new action steps have a new look that makes it easy to complete steps and master new skills. Our new widget gives you more space to work and can be minimized to focus completely on your work.

Haven't downloaded the extension yet? Get it here! If you're not using DDU yet and want to try a demo, put your info in on our contact page and we'll reach out.

New Features

Here is a list of key features:

  • A DDU widget to replace the sidebar. Start walkthroughs, complete steps, and ace quizzes from our more compact learning hub.

  • New action steps with a clear call to action and blue highlight so it's easy to know what to do next.

  • Information steps with more space to read text.

  • Feedback screen at the end of walkthroughs so you can share input to the exercise builder and help content improve.

  • Quizzes with a variety of question types. You can complete challenges by finding answers and submitting them in our widget, or provide feedback and reflect in open-ended asks.

Screen Shots

L Learn Mode

Navigate to any webpage with our widget.

S WT Widget Go-To step

Complete action steps - learn while you work.

S WT Action step

Information Steps - read annotations on any webpage to understand how things are done at your organization.

S WT Information: Annotate

Challenges - test you knowledge by completing tasks and submitting answers without leaving the site you're learning.

S Quiz Question

Respond to open-ended prompts to help your company understand how you're using tools or to reflect on what you've learned.

S Quiz modal for product feedback

Want to see more? Let us know on our contact page and we'll demo the new features. Stay tuned in early 2022 for our new builder release.