Use Cases

Use Case

Business Intelligence

Onboard end users, analysts, and developers into your BI platform. Gain insight into ROI and usage patterns through analytics.

Learn on the job

Extension-driven walkthroughs and quizzes are ideal for giving users tours of dashboards, annotating data fields and definitions, or demoing a complicated analysis.

Onboard then upskill

Onboard all new users ensure they can get value right away. Developers and analysts can get certified, learn company best practices, and keep up with new features by completing skill paths.

Measure ROI

Measure and improve ROI on your BI tools. We help drive users to self-serve, better utilizing seats you already pay for. Users can leverage tools better and you can see the improvement by tracking usage.

Scale responsibly

BI implementations have many moving parts. DDU allows you to train developers and analysts to build according to best practices and create valuable content. With DDU, you can be sure new users pull accurate queries and understand the data.

Use Case

Cloud Compute

Cloud computing platforms are very complex to use and navigate. Whether you're using Azure, AWS or GCP the pace of cloud innovation is accelerating.


Each of the cloud providers have technical certifications that are useful for your day job, and your careers. Prepare for these cloud certifications with our curated learning content.

Stay updated

Cloud providers are releasing features on a weekly and monthly basis. It's a full time job trying to keep up with the pace of innovation. Our What's New content will help you stay on top of it all.

Corporate Infrastructure

Every company has a different setup in their cloud account. For new employees it can be very difficult to navigate and understand. You can build walkthroughs for each of these use cases.

Team Scale

Employees are constantly getting hired, existing employees are moving within your organization. You can match your cloud upskilling with your employee mobility.

Use Case

Peer to Peer Learning

Your team members are your best teachers. They know the ins and outs of the software that runs your bunsiness. Let's leverage your most valuable ressource to help learning.

Show and tell

Team members are already helping each other through email, slack/teams/gchat, or in-person. We add a new dimension to team upskilling.

Institutional Knowledge

Learning content created by your team members represent a living corpus of institutional knowledge. Your library is contextual, just in-time, and permanent.

Build in seconds

We optimize our tools to work at the speed of business. If the barrier to create content is "clicks + seconds" then folks won't hesitate to share how-tos with teammates.

Share with anyone

Once a team member has built some content, it's very easy to share content with anyone. With multiple levels of privacy settings, you can make sure that only the right people can see content.

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