Business Intelligence

Onboard end users, analysts, and developers into your BI platform. Gain insight into ROI and usage patterns through analytics.

PowerBI Dashboard Question

PowerBI End-User (Bob) needs to:

  • Learn a new skill in PowerBI
  • Get his new analysis out more quickly

PowerBI Expert (Alice) wants to:

  • Respond in minutes with an answer
  • Save her answer for future use



Run finance, operations, procurement, and human ressources more effeciently. Help team members new and old stay up to date in the tools they use for their job.

NetSuite changed their UX

NetSuite End-User (Bob) needs to:

  • Relearn how to do his job in NetSuite
  • Get unstuck ASAP so he can continue his work

NetSuite Manager (Alice) wants to:

  • Edit existing NetSuite training content quickly
  • Ensure team members redo the training



Every sales organization is different no matter what CRM you use. The different sales motions, processes, and organizational quirks needs to be taught to each team member.

Onboard new Sales Associate

Salesforce Manager (Alice) needs to:

  • Level-set Expertise in Salesfoce
  • Tech new hires the bespoke CRM implementation and processes

New Sales Associate (Bob) wants to:

  • Learn how to add leads and opportunities
  • Learn new Salesforce features