Master what matters

Learn what you need to know to do your job

Whether you just need to know to how to filter a dashboard, or if you need to do a full employee onboarding, FlowMo has you covered

Learn by doing

Master key actions with simple walkthroughs that guide you to actually do the work as you learn.


Show your knowledge and get more practice by actually completing key actions - no more reading comprehension quizzes.

Learn the essentials

Recieve a content library tailored to your role, with only the essentials you need to do your job.

Level Up

Upskill by completing skill paths - a series of lessons designed to level up your skills.

Build Courses

Add courses to lessons or assign to roles within your organization.

Share Links

Simply copy a link to share within your organization. Users will land on your target page with the exercise ready to begin.


Interactive Walkthroughs

Walkthroughs can have a varity of actions. These actions prompt you to interact directly with the sofware you're trying to learn.


The tooltip is the core of our learning experience. We point out an individual item on the page and you are prompted to click on it to move on. Learn something by doing it yourself.

Copy / Paste

This step will prompt you to input some text. When the text in the box matches what's expected, you are automatically moved to the next step.

Text Highlight

We want to sometimes bring your attention to a particular piece of text on the page. In this case, we use this step to highlight the important information. This is great for annotating documentation or code.


During a walkthrough, there might be extra context required to complete the step. We provide an opportunity for you to read a PDF inline on the page, or to watch an explanation video in context.