Best Practices

Deploy at Scale

See organization-wide data at a glance

Easily manage deployment to any size organization with our admin features.

Define Roles

Set up custom learning roles to show only the most useful content to users.

Create Lessons

Bring together videos, interactive exercises, and quizzes to create engaging lessons to upskill users.

Build Skill Paths

Stack lessons into skill paths to help users complete onboarding, pass a certification test, or level up in their role.

Monitor Progress

Track users progression through lessons and skill paths, quiz responses, and overall tool usage.

Gain Insight

Build custom reports based on your FlowMo data and event tracking in the chrome extension to get deep insight into the tools you use.

Scale Up

Deploy experts at your company as builders to share their knowledge and expand your library

Learning Management

Create Learning Content.

We have a full Learning Management system for administrators to create skill paths, build lessons, and define learning roles. Create custom learning content and surface it to the right people.

Learning Management

In-Depth Reporting

The success of any learning initiative starts and ends with monitoring and reporting. With hundreds or thousands of users progressing through content, you can rely on detailed reports to measure outcomes and gain insight.