Your SaaS tool is complicated. Tell your story with interactive experiences.

It's hard to demo to prospects, onboard new customers, and support existing users. Create walkthroughs in seconds and share them with a link, or embed anywhere.

Video recording
Interactive playground
Embed anywhere

Watch It

See and hear how the experts navigate the tool.

Try It

Train your muscle memory in a sandbox environment.

Do It

Do the work for real with the help of live overlays.


Extract knowledge from your experts

You can only extract knowledge out of experts if the value mutliple is huge. Creating content should take a couple of seconds, and the value should last for weeks, months, years.

Create walkthroughs in seconds

Easily record complex web-based walkthroughs as fast as you can click. Quickly record any website in the browser, in any tab.

Instant evergreen content

We capture walkthroughs in a way that creates long-lived materials: references, live overlays, and a sandbox environment. Reference material describe each step with screenshots and video. Live learning is powered by overlays on your real site. The labs environment is a secure sandbox that won't change live data.

Make yourself understood

The most important thing is for users to actually understand how to use your SaaS tool. Learning by doing in small chunks the recipe for success.


The best way to be understood

You want people to truly understand your tool without having them sit in webinars. The solution is to let them get their hands on it.

Walkthroughs split into steps

When you record your walkthrough, we automatically track your clicks to break up the experience into individual steps. No more monolithic video streams.

Interactive Sandbox

Users can train their muscle memory by taking the walkthroughs in our sandbox. We take a secure snapshot of the underlying website to create a long-lasting sandbox of the recorded experience.

Overlays on live sites

Your users can take what they've learned and apply it in the real world in a guided experience. We overlay steps and prompts on top of the real website to guide your user through the experience.

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